9/11 Memorial Museum

September 11, 2001 is a day every American will never forget. Each of us recalls our exact location and duties when we heard of the terrorist attack on our nation. Thousands of people lost their lives including 12 members of FDNY's Ladder 3.


The decision was made to display the priceless artifact inside the memorial museum. Based on the truck's massive size, the building engineers wanted to take apart, then rebuild the truck once inside the museum. The owner and President, James Zagata, of Integrity Ironworks, Inc. heard of this and quickly intervened.

Integrity Ironworks designed and fabricated a removable steel hoist to lift the Ladder 3 firetruck into the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  With our help, the museum was able to transport this priceless artifact into the building, while keeping the apparatus fully intact. 

Integrity Ironworks takes pride in this work so people everywhere can honor and remember the brave men that gave their lives that day.

Artifact securely installed in 911 Memorial Museum by Integrity Ironworks. Photo: Jin S. Lee

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FDNY Engine 3 and 12 driven through NYC to the Memorial Museum.

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FDNY Engine 3 and 12 were lowered into the Memorial Museum on steel hoist designed and fabricated by Integrity Ironworks.

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